Accelerating Network Deployment for Rapid Expansion: A Strategic Approach

In the dynamic world of fast-casual restaurants, where quality and efficiency are paramount, one rapidly growing chain found itself at a crossroads. Facing the challenges of an expanding footprint, the need for scalable, on-time delivery of data and voice services became critical. This journey of transformative expansion, in partnership with LAM Technology, offers a menu for businesses seeking to execute rapid growth trajectories.


The Challenge: Scaling Up with Precision

As the restaurant chain embarked on a fast-track growth plan, it became evident that their existing technology deployment process was no longer tolerable. The complexity of managing multiple vendors, along with delays in service provisioning and a lack of cohesive communication, was hampering their ability to scale. The need for a streamlined, reliable, and predictable solution was clear.


The Solution: A Unified Approach

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, IT leadership brought in LAM Technology, who put on their apron and got to work.  In conjunction with the network aggregation supplier LAM created a comprehensive solution. Drawing on a foundation of trust and an experience from previous engagements, the supplier and LAM designed a transparent, streamlined process that would accelerate technology delivery while keeping hungry “steakholders” updated. With the updated playbook, the restaurant chain’s CTO was confident in moving forward with LAM Technology as their partner.

The proposed recipe was multifaceted, including multiple ingredients like voice, data, security, and project management, all under the control of a single chef (point of contact). This packaged approach not only simplified management of services across over 150 locations, but also ensured that the delivery was accurate, efficient, and perfectly seasoned to meet the unique tastes of each restaurant site.


The Outcome: Streamlined Operations and Delectable Growth

The impact of the partnership between the fast casual chain and LAM Technology was simply delicious. The chain experienced a better ordering process, fully managed implementation, and a level of service management that had previously been inconceivable.  Moreover, the competitive supplier pricing negotiated by LAM Technology ensured that the chain could achieve its growth objectives without compromising margins.

The chain’s CTO, along with the entire management team, was thoroughly satisfied with every aspect of the project.


Looking Ahead: A Tasty Partnership Poised for Success

The success of overcoming this challenge planted the seeds for a continued partnership between the restaurant chain and LAM Technology. With plans for continued expansion, the chain is confident in its ability to scale, supported by a fully stocked pantry of reliable and efficient technology ingredients.

This case study exemplifies the power of partnerships and the importance of a unified approach to IT services delivery. For businesses looking to navigate the complexities of expansion while maintaining operational excellence, the successful journey of this fast-casual chain offers tastebud tantalizing inspiration.



In an era where the pace of business expansion demands equally capable and scalable solutions, the collaboration between the restaurant chain and LAM Technology stands as a tasty testament to what is possible.  So…. did we make you hungry for a better experience?  

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