Evolving Healthcare Operations with Strategic IT Solutions: A LAM Technology Success Story

In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, where the speed of service delivery and operational efficiency can significantly impact patient care, one of the largest firms in the sector faced a critical challenge. With hundreds of locations under its umbrella, the client was grappling with managing its SD-WAN, edge security, circuit sourcing, and support entirely in-house. This approach led to a responsiveness level well below expectations, affecting company revenue and negatively impacting brand perception. Moreover, the slow go-to-market speed for new acquisitions and the growing friction between IT and the board highlighted the need for a radical change.

The necessity for a shift in strategy became even more apparent when the client was on the verge of integrating a new 100+ clinic operation into its portfolio. It was clear that the existing support and expansion model was no longer sustainable. This is where LAM Technology stepped in, marking the beginning of a transformative journey towards operational excellence and strategic growth.

Understanding the Core Challenges

LAM Technology worked closely with the client to understand their business requirements and how these translated into feature availability in the market, particularly considering the scale of their operations. The focus was not just on identifying the technological needs but also numerous intangibles relative to how various vendors productized and supported similar offerings.   This comprehensive approach ensured that the solution would not only address the current issues but also be scalable for future expansions.

Crafting a Tailored Solution

The collaboration led to the creation of a supplier sourcing criteria document, a pivotal step that involved all internal stakeholders. That document laid the foundation for a comprehensive supplier selection process that redefined how technology solutions were being evaluated. It was released to a pre-selected number of supplier-bidders, with LAM Technology and the client jointly managing the curation of finalist-options. This meticulous process was instrumental in identifying a single vendor solution that perfectly aligned with the client’s needs, including inputs from myriad stakeholder individuals and teams.

A New Era of Efficiency and Scalability

Today, the client stands as a living testament to what strategic technological partnerships can achieve. Managing hundreds of locations has become a streamlined process, handled by an IT team of less than 15 members. This lean approach has not only enhanced operational efficiency but has also prepared the client to add another hundred locations within the year, a feat that seemed daunting before.

The journey with LAM Technology has transformed the client’s approach to IT management and support, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation. This partnership underscores the importance of understanding business needs, collaborative solution development, and strategic vendor sourcing to achieve efficient scalability in the healthcare sector.


The success story of this healthcare firm, with LAM Technology alongside, serves as a powerful example for other organizations facing similar challenges. It highlights the critical role of a strategic advisory partner in selecting, implementing and managing technology solutions and driving growth, in an evolving and demanding environment.

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