Team/Zoom/Webex Rooms and AV

Cutting-Edge Audio/Visual Systems for Modern Meeting Rooms

Elevate your meeting room experience with new Audio/Visual (A/V) Systems. With LAM Technology, your business has the right partner. Our RFP Vendor Validation™ ensures that the A/V solutions we procure meet your specific requirements for seamless collaboration. With our Dedicated Delivery™, we manage the installation process to ensure your A/V systems are set up for optimal functionality and ease of use. 

The global professional A/V market is expected to reach $114 billion by 2026. (Source: AVIXA) 

83% of businesses say that video conferencing gives them a competitive edge. (Source: Wainhouse Research) 

Companies using advanced A/V systems report a 30% improvement in communication efficiency. (Source: Frost & Sullivan) 

LAM Technology Services for Infrastructure & Cloud

When Disasters Strike: The Complete Guide to Disaster Recovery

Many businesses think they are equipped to handle a cyber attack but what happens when it happens to your business. What’s the impact to your customer, to your reputation, to your bottom line. Here’s what you can do to not be caught unprepared.

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