MSP/Service Desk, Endpoint Management, Patching, Tier 1-3 Support

Expert Managed IT Services for Unmatched Support and Security

LAM Technology’s MSP solutions provide Service Desk support and comprehensive Endpoint Management, including regular patching to safeguard against vulnerabilities. Our Tier 1-3 support ensures that all your technical issues are addressed promptly by qualified professionals. Partnering with our Lifecycle Support™ service, we guide you through the entire lifecycle of your IT infrastructure management, from initial setup to ongoing maintenance and support, ensuring your business operates smoothly and securely.

Companies that utilize managed services can reduce IT costs by 25-45% and increase operational efficiency by 45-65%. (CompTIA) 

The global managed services market is expected to reach $329.1 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 8.1% from 2020 to 2025. (MarketsandMarkets)

24% of small businesses report significant improvement in their overall technology effectiveness with MSP compared to in-house IT services. (Deloitte)

LAM Technology Services for Managed Services

When Disasters Strike: The Complete Guide to Disaster Recovery

Many businesses think they are equipped to handle a cyber attack but what happens when it happens to your business. What’s the impact to your customer, to your reputation, to your bottom line. Here’s what you can do to not be caught unprepared.

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