Verified & Branded Caller ID

Enhance Caller Trust with Verified & Branded Caller ID

In a world where caller ID spoofing is common, LAM Technology’s Verified & Branded Caller ID service helps your business stand out as a trusted name. Our service ensures that when your customers receive a call, they see your verified business name and logo, increasing the likelihood that they will answer the call. Paired with our Dedicated Disconnect™ service, we manage the transition between vendors or legacy systems, making sure that your communication lines are accurate and up-to-date, reflecting your brand’s integrity. 

Call answer rates can increase by up to 56% when a verified business name and logo are displayed on the caller ID. (First Orion) 

76% of calls go unanswered when they come from an unidentified or unfamiliar number. (Hiya) 

Implementing branded caller ID can lead to a 27% reduction in customer complaints related to unrecognized calls. (First Orion)

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